Next Group Coaching Session Starts: April 2019

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Meet Your Coach

Susan Shannon, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

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What you can expect in this powerful group coaching experience:

The goal of this group coaching program is to come alongside you and give you clear, actionable tools to help you create your unique health and wellness action plan blueprint! We will walk through just how you can feel more focused, have vibrant energy, and develop health and wellness habits that feel manageable and also bring your great joy - this is essential to long term health, so let’s help you create your “healthiest you” action plan!

I will provide the clearest education possible to you to give you the information you need to feel your BEST.

Because I believe you can. And the power to heal your life is already inside you.

Why Group Coaching?

Health, Wellness, and Life Coaching have changed the lives of many, including my own!

As a health coach one of my main objectives is to offer coaching at an affordable price point to many.

Since coaching can sometimes be thought of as a luxury service, I want to make coaching something we can ALL benefit from, with life-changing results! Group Coaching offers a space in which I can do just that.

Program Outline

  • 90 day focused program, starting April 2019 through July 2019

  • 2 live group video sessions per month

  • Access to Susan and peer accountability through FB group 24/7

  • Topics Include: Eating for Energy, Understanding the Meaning Behind your Cravings, Joy-based Eating, Tools for Energy and Focus, The Key Ingredients to Long-Term Health, Emotional Health Tips and Actionable Tools for that, Ingredients to Long Term Success, Self Worth and Abundance and SO MUCH MORE!


This program is a great fit for you if . . .

  • You’re already passionate about healthy living

  • You’d love to work with a health or life coach but need a lower price-point to make it work

  • You’re looking for someone to help you troubleshoot your health goals and stay motivated

  • You’ve dieted and tried a lot of things, but you’re discouraged you haven’t found what works for YOU

  • You’re looking to shed those last few pounds (maybe! Maybe not.)

  • You want to simplify your life and make healthy living easier/easy to maintain and enjoyable!

  • You feel too busy to be healthy so you need something to give you an easy to follow plan and stay on track

  • You are looking for solid accountability for your life

  • Your health feels inconsistent and you want to develop healthier emotional habits around food and wellness

  • You frequently deal with brain fog, general fatigue, frequent colds,

  • Your life feels like it lacks energy and vitality over all!

  • You’re READY to do what it takes to feel amazing and focused in your life, and some consistent motivation will go a long way for you!