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Meet Your Coach.

I’m Susan, Certified Holistic Integrative Health Coach. I want to help you live a life that feels vibrant, expansive, and alive. I want to help you learn to LOVE who you are. To restore your energy, vitality and purpose so we can unleash your inner power into everything you do.

My approach:

Your quality of life and health is not only determined by the food you eat or what you weigh, or whether or not you’ve run a marathon. In my approach to health coaching we dive into all areas of your life having to do with wellness and vitality - your career, your passions, your dreams, relationships, spiritual practice, and more. I believe that in order to experience true health and vitality we have to understand, love and own who we are. So as we dive into food, nutrition, and exercise, my mission to make sure your whole life feels holistically supported and at the end of the day, you feel confident and beautiful and powerful in your own skin. Read More —>

Ways we can work together

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Coaching & Speaking

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recipes & Remedies

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Feel More Balanced & Grounded Now

You don’t have to try and tough it out yourself…


One of the most valuable and essential parts of our wellness is our quality of community. Working with a coach provides you a place where you can work through all your questions about living your healthiest lifestyle without having to wrestle through years of trial and error, and all the tears that come with it.

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Group Coaching Spring Session is Open!! {Starts April 2019}

If this is your year to reach your goals in health, wellness, or other areas of your life and you need the support of a coach to help get you there, consider joining the spring group coaching program!

I’ll work with 8-10 clients in a live (virtual) setting over 90 days to help you reach your goals, get individualized coaching at a price that feels more affordable for you, and in a space that provides high quality peer support through the process.

Next Group Coaching Start Date: April 2019


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