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Welcome to the #restoringmechallenge!

What you can expect…

We will spend the next 28 days taking self care possibly more seriously than we ever have before. You’ll receive prompts and discussion topics and action steps in your email each day that will inspire you to take self care beyond bubble baths and girls nights out and a glass of wine. We are going to dive DEEP into what it means to accept and love ourselves as we are right now, this moment, whether we feel extra great or particularly poor that day. This will be an exercise in self care and love that will overflow into loving everyone around us in a deeper way as well.

During and after this challenge, I hope you will…

… be able to effectively release judgments you’ve been putting on yourself and on others, be able to clear a few of the mental and emotional blocks you may be experiencing that might be holding you back from entering your best self in the future, and so much more.

How to stay active and involved…

During the challenge, you get to decide your level of engagement!

You get to choose if you’d simply like to absorb the content and practice it on your own, or post yourself accomplishing each day of the challenge (or even a few days of it!) on your social media. Do what’s best for you. I don’t want you to not do the challenge simply because you’re shy on Instagram Stories. So if you prefer not to do that, I’d still love to get a quick email from you at the end of the challenge, or during, saying how it’s impacting you, and we can keep it quiet, and all about you.

I truly do want this to be a deeply personal experience for you, so do what you need to do to make it the best you can make it for yourself.

I will personally mail a care package to those that complete the 28 day challenge and post it to their Instagram using the hashtag #restoringmechallenge ! Remember to use the hashtag, AND tag me at @susan_restoringtheday on Instagram, so you can be sure I’ll see it and it will also stay in the group hashtag!

The prompts will be delivered to your inbox! (see you there!)