Thank You!
Please enjoy this meditation, affirmation.

Use it anytime you feel you need a little extra grounding, balance, or confidence about who you are and your space in the world.


Take a few deep breaths with me. In, out, and then in through the nose again, and out through the mouth.

Repeat this slowly, until you feel more calm and centered.

Ready? K. Let’s begin.

If you can, stand on your feet, remove your shoes, and find a place where you feel is private enough you can be yourself.

Spread your feet apart just wide enough to where you feel fully supported. Try just a hips width apart.

Now feel your feet locking into the floor beneath you as if you’re unmovable.

Open up your hands, a bit away from your body, or out to the side, just do what feels good, but keep your palms open and facing out to the space around you.

Use this to symbolize that you are open to new growth and new ways of seeing yourself and the spaces, people and things around you.

Feel the firmness of your stance paired with the openness of your body.

Now take another slow deep breath, and repeat after me.

I am worthy of the space I take up in this world.

No one can occupy this space like I can.

No one else can walk in my shoes.

I am chosen to be here in this moment, in this age, exactly the way that I am.

No other human being can fill the space I fill in my relationships, and in my environment.

And no one else can accomplish the things I’ve been chosen to accomplish.

Now place your hand on your heart, and feel your heartbeat.

That’s you.

That’s your heartbeat.

Now speak to yourself in these next words, with all the love in your heart.

Your hand tapping on your heart, say this is important.

I am important.

I am so thankful that I get to be here, taking up this sacred space.

I fill a sacred space on this planet.

I fill a sacred space in my relationships.

I fill a sacred space in my career.

I fill a sacred space in my home.

I am a sacred being.

I am important.

Friend, thank you so much for walking through this affirmation with me! I hope it helped you feel more grounded where you are, and more confident in the roles you have to play today, whatever they may be. Namaste.