The 5 Best Lifestyle Apps In My Life Right Now

Apps can be very helpful – useful information just a tap away.

Of course, with each season of life my list of most used apps changes a bit!


The following lifestyle apps are adding some serious value to my life right now. Enough value, they make me want to share them! Most of these are free, or have free versions, and can support health tracking within your healthy lifestyle.


Glow tracks your menstrual cycle, and it’s great for whether you’re trying to get pregnant, or trying to make sure you don’t! So gentlemen, tune out if you don’t care. But seriously, I’ve tried many tracking apps for my cycle since apps were even a thing. And for me, Glow finally gets it right. Thank you Glow! They are always spot on, within a day or two, and I’m sure that it would be even more accurate if I was better at logging every day. Which I am not. So they get kudos from me. It’s also worth mentioning that for the first time in my life my hormones feel balanced and my cycle is actually pretty predictable. I attribute that to my diet, lifestyle, and ridding my routine and my environment from most harmful toxins.


I do not recommend tracking your calories on a daily basis. That’s just not my recommendation. Especially as one who tracked habitually for years, and developed a very unhealthy relationship with myself and my weight and shattered my hormone health. However, that being said, I use it occasionally to track my Nutrients because there is definitely value in that. So the reason I recommend Cronometer over any other free food tracker is that it logs Micronutrients like your Vitamin A, B vitamins, C, D, E, K, Selenium, Magnesium, I mean, the list just goes on!! This is a great one for plant-based lifestyles, when you’re starting out. I find it very helpful to make sure I’m getting what I need. Cronometer helped me notice and become aware I was in need of more Calcium and trace minerals! That’s a big deal, folks! So when I noticed that, I immediately upped my intake of both and am experiencing the benefits. I don’t have a routine for logging, per reasons stated above, but I probably check in with Cronometer once every month or two. Just to make sure my micronutrients are repping it up. Especially if I’ve fallen out of routine with my diet for any reason.

Thrive Market.

Yes, they have an app! And this is the only affiliate you’ll find on this page, but I strongly recommend downloading the app for easier shopping! I can be on the go or be preparing dinner and I run out of something – I quickly add it to my shopping cart before I forget. You can grab the app by clicking on the image below! (And yes, this is an affiliate link! I’m proud to be an affiliate of this great company, a great source of all things healthy living, not just Vegan eats. Although it’s great for that too. This is the only affiliate link you’ll find in this post.) Click on the image below to get started with Thrive Market.



Finally, a weather app that thinks like I do! Not only does it tell me a very brief overview of the forecast for the day, but it tells me how to dress, how to wear my hair… I mean, seriously. When I first peek at my phone in the morning there’s nothing like this little message that says it all: “Gonna be warm! Consider wearing your hair up and wear light clothing!” I mean really? Sunshine app, let me hug you.


Headspace / Simple Habit.

I am currently using both of these apps for some guided meditation. And when I say that I meditate, I probably get about 10 minutes a day in, people, so don’t get any crazy images in your head of me meditating crosslegged on the floor for 60 minutes. Would I like that? Of course. Will it happen any time soon? No. But just 2-10 minutes a day seriously helps settle my mood, ground my mind, and make me more at ease with my thoughts and my body… and everyone around me.

More on Meditation in a later post, because I know that it can intimidate some people. It used to scare me too, and feel terribly uncomfortable. That’s why Headspace and Simple Habit have been two apps that have taught me how I can meditate and shown me how easy and amazing it really is!


But even though this is a post on lifestyle apps, I still want to end with this note:

That life should be lived unplugged. Apps are great! Real life is better.



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