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What I wish I’d known my first year being plant-based

What I wish I’d known my first year being plant-based

I’d make the choice to be plant-based again in a single heartbeat. I’ve loved how it’s elevated my spirits, heightened my awareness, and helped my body feel cleansed. I also love how it’s taught me and my family ways to live a more ethical compassionate […]

October Favorites: Cruelty-Free Products for Personal Care

October Favorites: Cruelty-Free Products for Personal Care

These cruelty-free (and completely vegan) items have made the honorable mention list this month, hands down! A few of these are part of my daily routine on a regular basis (not just in October.) and a couple of these items are brand new favorites worth […]

Peanut Butter Pumpkin Muffins

Peanut Butter Pumpkin Muffins

Peanut Butter Pumpkin Muffins – I wasn’t so sure about this combination, but then I decided to just go for it, and the result is DELICIOUS.

A perfect recipe for fall, I’d say! I know it’s a cliche, but I really have been putting pumpkin in everything. For this recipe, I was literally lying in bed the night before thinking about breakfast in the morning (typical) and it occurred to me… what if I replace the bananas in my baked oatmeal recipe with PUMPKIN!!?? Totally brilliant, I thought. I struggled with second thoughts about mixing the pumpkin and the peanut butter… until I tasted the end result.

Good things come to those who just GO FOR IT.

P.S. YES, I am in a recipe-creating mood this week. Can you tell? 🙂


The first time I made this recipe I made it in a 9×9 pan, and it came out in delicious slices like this. Best thing about this recipe is that it’s oil free, easily vegan, and super creamy – I don’t know, it’s just so super creamy and smooth and perfectly dense when you bite into it. That’s the best way I can describe it.

This recipe is made flour-free with quick oats! I almost never have any flour in the house! Last time I had flour in the house was to make some homemade play dough!

When I bake, it’s usually a breakfast option such as muffins, so oats are the perfect item I always keep on hand. Oats are also a bit higher in minerals such as selenium, and we really enjoy them and seem to digest them well in our household.

Anyways, without further ado, here’s the recipe! Perfect one-bowl recipe to make with your kiddos!


Peanut Butter Pumpkin Muffins

1 cup pumpkin puree

the vegan equivalent to four eggs (use a vegan egg replacer, or use this formula, which is my favorite:

  • 1 Tbsp flaxseed meal (ground raw flaxseed) (or you can use ground chia seeds as well)
  • 2 1/2 Tbsp water

1/2 cup cream peanut butter, any kind (organic if you can!)

3 cups quick oats

2 tsp baking powder

dash of salt

1 tsp vanilla extract

4 Tbs organic, dry sweetener (such as organic brown sugar, coconut sugar, or raw turbinado)

1/2 cup non-dairy milk (I used a vanilla variety, so it had a touch of sweetness)

3/4 cup chocolate chips (non-dairy, for vegan)

Preheat oven to 375°F, and if using a muffin tin, line tin with paper liners (I use reusable silicone liners), and if using a 9×9 pan, lightly oil it using a vegan butter or coconut oil. You don’t have to do this, but it does help!

Add together the pumpkin, peanut butter, and vegan eggs and beat together with a fork or whisk (I don’t have a fancy mixer, but I suppose you could use one, just be gentle with the batter, not to over-mix).

When well combined, add the rest of the ingredients.

And when thoroughly combined, evenly distribute to the muffin tins, or spread in the prepared pan.

Muffins will bake at 375 for about 22-25 minutes, and the 9X9 should take about 40-45 minutes at the same temperature.

If you want to see more of the recipe kick I’ve been on this week, check out my previous post for an Immune Boosting Turmeric Ginger Latte! Hint hint: the latte pairs nicely with these peanut butter pumpkin muffins!

Leave a comment to let me know if you make this recipe, and how it turns out!

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My September Vegan Grocery Store Favorites

My September Vegan Grocery Store Favorites

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A Week’s Simple Vegan Meal Plan for Families with Kids

A Week’s Simple Vegan Meal Plan for Families with Kids

Looking for some ideas? Here’s a sample of a simple weekly vegan meal plan we just used for our family of four (two adults, a four-year-old and almost-two year old). We have been very busy, as have most people! So when that happens, we grab a few more convenience items off the shelves. You’ll notice that in the plan below! However, this meal plan still remains pretty clean, and provides all the necessary nutrients my family needs to stay healthy, happy, and active!

When I have extra busy weeks, I get lazier with cutting and chopping vegetables, so we drink a lot of fresh, cold-pressed juices, especially green ones! And we may even stop by the local juicery if we have the budget for it. On busy weeks, I’ll try to have a green juice most days if not every single day. I feel my BEST when I do this.

Seeing a meal plan from someone else always helps remind me of great ideas and keeps me inspired for the week! Hope this does the same for you!

This meal plan incorporates mostly super fast, easy recipes and throw together items! There are one or two recipes in this meal plan that may require about an hour of prep. But that’s it – the rest of them should be VERY easy for any busy vegan, plant-based family to fix up and enjoy! If you’re looking for some more inspiration, check out an older post with some additional ideas on how I sometimes break down a meal plan by the day.

And don’t forget to stay hydrated during the day by drinking plenty of water between meals. 🙂 Thought I should through that in there since I don’t mention water in the meal plan. But do it- drink enough water. 😉



  • Breakfast: Hot Steel Cut Oatmeal bowls with walnuts, hemp seeds, and fresh peaches, organic raw brown sugar
  • Lunch: veggie burgers on sprouted buns, snap peas, organic tortilla chips and salsa
  • Dinner: Acai Protein bowls topped with organic peanut butter and Meusli granola. DELISH.
  • Snack: Air-popped popcorn and Kite Hill almond milk yogurts and cold-pressed green juice


  • Meusli granola with Good Karma Flax Milk and Fresh Papaya (the kids may prefer to eat a bowl of So Delicious Coconut Vanilla yogurt and some veganic cereal with their papaya, instead of the Meusli. I’m totally okay with this.
  • Lentil Pasta Mac N Cheese from Modern Table (20 Grams of protein per serving!) and steamed broccoli- I make my own using the lentil noodles, a cup of So Delicous coconut-based cheese, two tablespoons of Tahini, and a Tablespoon of vegan butter or other healthier oil such as coconut or avocado.
  • Dinner: Sandwiches. My sandwich – lettuce, avocado, fresh tomato, sprouts and hemp seeds on sprouted bread! YUM! The kids – a treat of peanut butter and strawberry sandwiches with snap peas.
  • Snack: A total treat – tried vegan maple bacon jerky for the first time!


  • Breakfast: Green Juice and Banana Protein Monster Smoothies (frozen bananas, protein powder *for kids, not so much* and fresh green spinach! Blend up with a non-dairy milk or water!
  • Lunch: flatbread pizzas with sprouted flatbread from (this brand), a blend of fresh or roasted veggies (we will sometimes use a blend of roasted veggies, made ahead of time, sweet potatoes, zucchini, onion, even carrots) and top with a sprinkle of vegan cheese.
  • Dinner: Lentil “meat” loaf. This recipe [HERE] is my favorite (!!), and although at first, I thought it looked intimidating because the ingredients list was so long, it doesn’t actually take that long and it’s soooo savory delicious, it’s all worth it. I plan this for a night I have a little more time to cook.  I’ll make this with roasted potatoes or homemade potato “fries” and a light side salad or steamed/roasted vegetables.
  • Snack: Kombucha and a vegan cracker brand of choice with hummus or guacamole.


  • Breakfast: Fresh papaya and avocado toast (or nut butter toast if the kids are on avocado strike)
  • Lunch: organic grapes and Protein Smoothies
  • Dinner: Cauliflower Crust Pizzas (from Trader Joe’s!) with fresh tomatoes and a sprinkle of So Delicious shredded cheese with fresh spinach and any other vegetable you want on there! Sprinkle pizza seasoning and a Tablespoon or two of hemp seeds over the top for added flavor and protein. (the hemp seed flavor is actually quite amazing!)
  • Snack: Squeezie applesauces!


  • Breakfast: Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal Bake from Fit Foodie Finds, my fellow Minnesotan. This recipe is Bonkerzz!!! We love it. It’s satisfyingly sweet and the kids loooove this day of the week when I make this. It also makes the house smell amazing in the morning. I do need to get up and make this about an hour before we plan to eat, because it does take baking time, but it’s delicously worth it. I also OFTEN make this the night before, and in the morning we heat it up. Oh yeah! And I easily replace the eggs with chia eggs. (1 Tbs ground chia soaked for 5 minutes in 1/4 cup water = one vegan “egg”).
  • Lunch: Big Romaine Salad with raw veggies, fresh grape tomatoes, and my Zesty Lime Cashew Dressing! Kids may not be salad lovers, so I make a dipping tray for them with hummus, guac, and load it up with sprouted bread, raw sliced veggies, and fruits, and let them spread and dip for a fun (and deliciously nutritious) activity!
  • Dinner: Leftovers!! Thursday is a great day for us to clean up our favorites from the past few days. Typically this is a platter of fruit that needs to be eaten like -TODAY, a hummus platter, rice and beans, and any other leftover meal options from the days before. We keep leftover night fun and simple.


  • Breakfast: Wild Berry Smoothies – protein powder, frozen berries, frozen bananas, flax milk for extra omegas and delicious vanilla flavor! (a typical plant-based protein powder may have 20 grams of protein in it. Kids may not need this much protein, so be very mindful of that when preparing a protein smoothie. I usually add half a scoop to the blender of a formula like Vega Organic Protein and Greens, and they split the pitcher, so they may get a quarter of a scoop. Check with your vegan-friendly doctor for your child’s daily protein needs. And I eat a full scoop or more, depending upon my goals.)
  • Lunch: Rainy day black bean tortilla soup. Every week, if there’s a rainy day, needs a warming soup recipe! Here’s one of our favorites! Yep, I make this one ahead of time sometimes too. But if not, I always have something I’m working on while I watch and listen to it simmer!
  • Dinner: Salsa skillet. This is delicious, you guys, and takes about 10 minutes to prepare. Not joking. Brown Rice, your bean of choice, corn, fresh kale, a cup of organic salsa, and some salt and pepper. Serve it up hot, I usually cook this skillet up in some water and a bit of avocado oil in my cast iron pan. It’s delightful, and it’s hot in minutes. Add the kale in ONLY for the last few minutes so you don’t cook all the nutrients out of it, but it still gets soft and blends in with the rest of the mix. I’ll often chop up an extra tomato in here as well, if I have an extra one that needs to be eaten up, and I usually do! Scoop your bites up with organic tortilla chips if you like!
  • Snack: Rice Cakes with bananas and cinnamon


  • Breakfast: Hot Steel Cut Oatmeal with chia seeds, peanut butter, and a drizzle of organic maple syrup
  • Lunch: Bean Mash Sandwiches served up with cherry tomatoes, carrots, snap peas, and sliced raw peppers (this is my kid’s absolute favorite raw veggie lineup!) The Bean mash can be made with any bean – black and pinto are my favorites
  • Dinner: Chick Pea “meat” balls made with a can of chickpeas… Oh! and I found these awesome “chickpea breadcrumbs” in place of a typical “panko crumb” type thing and used those. I like this recipe! 
  • Snack: Sip on kombucha or green juice during the day, sliced apples with coconut yogurt/peanut butter fruit dip. (mix a cup of vanilla So Delicious coconut yogurt with two tablespoons of organic creamy peanut butter – mix or whip until smooth) Best fruit dip ever!!!

Get some ideas? Great!! Let me know in the comments below what YOUR go-to vegan meals are for your family!

There are no affiliate links in this post!

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Packing For Your Daytrip: Kid-Friendly Vegan Lunch & Snacks

Packing For Your Daytrip: Kid-Friendly Vegan Lunch & Snacks

Summer is so fun. It’s warm, full of life and energy, and tons of adventure.

Especially when you have kids!

This past weekend we enjoyed time with friends, a spontaneous day trip, and never missed a beat with our packed vegan lunches. The thing about being plant-based is that it does require a bit of extra preparation. Especially when you’re on the road. We’ve been learning this over and over again. As a mom, I finally feel like I’m catching my vibe, falling into a rhythm, aka getting this vegan on-the-go thing down!

Below I share how we successfully packed for our vegan road-trip this past weekend! 

Right now, I’m totally loving vegan sandwiches. It has taken me all year to realize how simple it is actually to make a vegan sandwich. At first I just started eating only vegetables in my sandwich – and I’d be hungry an hour later. Then I tried some vegan meat replacements but the ingredients in those don’t usually hold up to my values.

Then I was introduced to the bean mash sandwich. Mind Blown. DUH. I thought to myself, why didn’t I think of these? So simple. All you do is mash whatever bean you prefer in a bowl with a healthy dose of your choice of seasoning. I’ve been using Himalayan salt, and an organic all-purpose seasoning blend, and some fresh cracked pepper. Add all your favorite fresh vegetables and wah-lah! Delightful. I’m vegging out on these lovelies right now. Perfect for summer. And perfect for preparing ahead of time and packing in the cooler! We paired these pinto bean mash sandwiches with farmers market fresh cherry tomatoes. And for the greens in this one, I used fresh baby spinach and arugula. Absolutely delicious.

My kids who are 18 months and 4 are not salad eaters quite yet. So I’ll often chop up the spinach very finely and add it to the mash, or I’ll even leave it off if they request (they get their greens other ways) and weird as it may seem, a generous squirt of organic ketchup in a bean mash sandwich is a huge hit! Cuz ketchup is a superfood right? 😉

For our last day trip along the Mississippi river, we stopped at this lovely park where we unpacked and enjoyed lunch, the sunshine and fresh Minnesota air, and each other.

For the kiddo’s lunch, I loaded up their boxes with fresh produce cuts and natural peanut butter sandwiches. They ate them up, especially the fresh berries! And of course, one of our favorite packaged desserts is the chocolate chip cookie dough Larabar! (It’s almond-free, for us almond sensitive ones – my daughter and me. Plus, it’s chocolate. So it’s basically a done deal. Oh yeah! And squeezie applesauce. Always a squeezy applesauce.

We’ve gotten better at scouting out all the juiceries, organic cafes, and natural grocery stores as we are out and about! Most vegans and vegetarians have The Happy Cow app downloaded on their phone, as do I! (not affiliated) This app shows you which places might be near you that have been noted as vegan or vetarian friendly. And although I do definitely recommend grabbing that app, for best accuracy, sometimes straight up googling specifically what you’re looking for when you go to a new place is still your best bet. And there’s always something you can find, wherever you go, even if vegan selections aren’t specified on the menu!


What are your favorite lunches and snacks to pack for your plant-based family? How about your favorite vegan travel tips?

Let me know in the comments below! Recipes are for sharing!


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