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My September Vegan Grocery Store Favorites

Okay, time to spout out my favorite vegan grocery store favorites from this month.

We are totally loving and welcoming in these three products into our home right now, within our plant-based vegan lifestyle. Our new favorite non-dairy milk, my old faithful green juice you’ll rarely find me without for a month, and my newfound kombucha lover, complete with anti-anxiety effects!

Suja Green Juice, Mighty Dozen. Okay, so this one I’ve actually been loving for a LONG time. This product might be one of my favorites of all time… ever. Thank you, Suja.

I’ve been drinking it for a while and it always shows up to be amazing every time.

  • hydrates me
  • refreshes me
  • keeps my skin CLEAR – no joke.
  • my kids love it to, believe it or not


Suja Kombucha with Ashwagandha. Suja, you win again! Seriously. Costco had this stuff in the case this last month and I was soooo excited. This is my new favorite kombucha. My kids call it “lemonade kon-chi-cha” .

Ashwagandha is an incredible herb that’s been hailed for centuries as being able to help with anxiety relief, and as being able to decrease cortisol levels. I mean, sign me up!! I’ve been wanting to try this for a while, but never made the plunge. This kombucha contains the herb, so I get a two-for-one, and I most definitely notice a great effect from the B vitamins in the kombucha, paired with the Ashwagandha. Oh yeah, and the ginger flavor is sooo¬†kind to my tummy!

It’s a MUST-TRY!


Good Karma has been this hidden brand for me, just hiding underneath the surface, and I haven’t broken through to try it… until NOW. And my eyes have been opened.

Cons – if you’re looking for your non-dairy milk to help supplement in the protein department, this will not do that. But it will help provide your daily value of plant-based Omega 3s which are ohhhh soooo¬†important for our brains, hair, skin, and eyes… just everything. There are plenty of other ways to get your protein within a based-based lifestyle.

My kids aren’t flax seed fans, but they LOVE sipping on a cup of this flax milk from Good Karma. The Vanilla flavor is a huge hit, and is delicious in smoothies and baked goods as well as straight up in the cup. We even introduced it at my son’s school as an alternative nut-free milk and they love it too! I love knowing that my son can have a cup of milk when his friends do, but is enjoying this option from Good Karma, flax milk. He’s a proud flax milk lover now.

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