Back Breaking Stress & Practical Ways to Rest

Earlier this year when my daughter was born, I was healing great, better and faster than I had experienced with my son. I felt spry and ready to hit the road running. Literally! I was ready to pull out my running shoes and whip my body back into shape. I felt like supermom. But at my […]

Monday: you are full of possibilities

I wish that my days started and ended the way I planned. They almost never do. Can you relate? When I don’t start the day off the way I planned to it can be so easy to just continue to let the day happen to me, instead of regaining charge of it. I don’t know about you, […]

Living Life Restored: an introduction…

I am so excited and nervous to be writing this blog post. Tomorrow morning I will be launching a week of posting every day on this blog, each day themed in having a healthy well being and restoring your life and your day to maximize your life’s impact. I am certainly no expert, but I’m […]

A Withered Leaf: anxiety and exhaustion

Ever been worried on no sleep before? The worry becomes compounded. At least it does for me. Today I couldn’t believe the downward spiral my mind went on. I mean, I was not only thinking of “what’s the worst thing that could happen” but also what’s the worst thing that could happen and add to […]

Plant-Based Breastfeeding

With my first, due to an innumerable amount of reasons, I stopped breastfeeding at four months. Do I wish I had continued? Absolutely. But I simply did not have the education and resources I do now and was under extreme circumstantial stress, so I don’t look back. It is what it is, and my son […]

My first 10 Days Vegan

It was not all roses and cupcakes the first 10 days folks. I was a little nauseous, and extremely fatigued. One day I even slept from 6pm to 6am (with the exception of baby waking to nurse of course) . That’s right you heard me right. In the midst of that I didn’t regret my […]