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Packing For Your Daytrip: Kid-Friendly Vegan Lunch & Snacks

Summer is so fun. It’s warm, full of life and energy, and tons of adventure.

Especially when you have kids!

This past weekend we enjoyed time with friends, a spontaneous day trip, and never missed a beat with our packed vegan lunches. The thing about being plant-based is that it does require a bit of extra preparation. Especially when you’re on the road. We’ve been learning this over and over again. As a mom, I finally feel like I’m catching my vibe, falling into a rhythm, aka getting this vegan on-the-go thing down!

Below I share how we successfully packed for our vegan road-trip this past weekend! 

Right now, I’m totally loving vegan sandwiches. It has taken me all year to realize how simple it is actually to make a vegan sandwich. At first I just started eating only vegetables in my sandwich – and I’d be hungry an hour later. Then I tried some vegan meat replacements but the ingredients in those don’t usually hold up to my values.

Then I was introduced to the bean mash sandwich. Mind Blown. DUH. I thought to myself, why didn’t I think of these? So simple. All you do is mash whatever bean you prefer in a bowl with a healthy dose of your choice of seasoning. I’ve been using Himalayan salt, and an organic all-purpose seasoning blend, and some fresh cracked pepper. Add all your favorite fresh vegetables and wah-lah! Delightful. I’m vegging out on these lovelies right now. Perfect for summer. And perfect for preparing ahead of time and packing in the cooler! We paired these pinto bean mash sandwiches with farmers market fresh cherry tomatoes. And for the greens in this one, I used fresh baby spinach and arugula. Absolutely delicious.

My kids who are 18 months and 4 are not salad eaters quite yet. So I’ll often chop up the spinach very finely and add it to the mash, or I’ll even leave it off if they request (they get their greens other ways) and weird as it may seem, a generous squirt of organic ketchup in a bean mash sandwich is a huge hit! Cuz ketchup is a superfood right? 😉

For our last day trip along the Mississippi river, we stopped at this lovely park where we unpacked and enjoyed lunch, the sunshine and fresh Minnesota air, and each other.

For the kiddo’s lunch, I loaded up their boxes with fresh produce cuts and natural peanut butter sandwiches. They ate them up, especially the fresh berries! And of course, one of our favorite packaged desserts is the chocolate chip cookie dough Larabar! (It’s almond-free, for us almond sensitive ones – my daughter and me. Plus, it’s chocolate. So it’s basically a done deal. Oh yeah! And squeezie applesauce. Always a squeezy applesauce.

We’ve gotten better at scouting out all the juiceries, organic cafes, and natural grocery stores as we are out and about! Most vegans and vegetarians have The Happy Cow app downloaded on their phone, as do I! (not affiliated) This app shows you which places might be near you that have been noted as vegan or vetarian friendly. And although I do definitely recommend grabbing that app, for best accuracy, sometimes straight up googling specifically what you’re looking for when you go to a new place is still your best bet. And there’s always something you can find, wherever you go, even if vegan selections aren’t specified on the menu!


What are your favorite lunches and snacks to pack for your plant-based family? How about your favorite vegan travel tips?

Let me know in the comments below! Recipes are for sharing!


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