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Last minute gift ideas for the vegan (or anyone!) in your life

Okay, so yes these gift ideas are great for anyone vegan, vegetarian, plant-based… but they’re great for anyone wellness-minded on your list.

This list could have been hundreds of items long, you guys! But this will at least get you started!


  1. Vegan Tees (or gift cards to shop!) from an ethical, vegan retailer.

Here are a few of my favorite shops to help you get started… (but there are so many more out there!)  – I’ve had my eyes on these guys since the beginning of their Instagram days and had the pleasure of rubbing shoulders with them for a few valuable minutes at Twin Cities Veg Fest this last year. Check out their amazingly stylish tees and accessories! – they may not be your style, but they’re definitely mine! I can’t get enough of their classy, bold prints and high fashion yet comfortable vibes. – super clever, casual wear tees and hoodies with wit

2. Vegan-friendly nail polish

Here’s one of my favorite, high-quality vegan-friendly polishes, and I love that it’s safe on my little daughter’s nails too! – Sophi by Piggy Paint

3. Vegan Candy (Um, yes please.)

I am head over heels for THESE….

There are more options – browse away! Several of these brands are available at Whole Foods Market.

4. Donate to or sponsor a day at a farm sanctuary in their name. (And go with them to visit!)

Farm Sanctuaries are incredible places, and the owners love and treat the animals with so much respect. When my family and I visited a (somewhat) local sanctuary this past year, we just could not get over how happy the animals were – they loved us right back. They knew we were just there to show them kindness and love, and they gently received it and gave it right back.

I highly recommend the experience!

Here’s where you may find a farm sanctuary near you:

5. For Vegan Moms- fuel their January with a Vegan Health Basket

Consider a gift basket with items like:

6. Nut Milk Kit

Gift your plant-based buddy with a mesh nut milk making bag and some adorable glass bottles for small batch non-dairy milk storage!

7. A Plant-Based Cookbook

This past year or two year several incredible new vegan cookbooks came out – here are two we can’t wait to get our hands on!

These two guys are a couple of my all-time favorite vegans to follow for tips and recipes.

8. Gift card to their favorite fresh, cold-pressed juicery or vegan-friendly restaurant

Check out the Happy Cow app(or on your desktop at to see which restaurants near you are vegan or vegetarian-friendly!

9. Thrive Market’s Vegan Starter Kit (not just great for veggie newbies, but all of us!)

Loaded and packed with vegan ingredients replacements, delicious snacks and pantry staples, its great for a veggie newbie or ANY vegan, even those lifelong plant-based friends. I love this sampler kit.



This list is tiny, for sure, I could spend days on this… but I think this’ll get you started!




Yes, this post contains affiliate links (those linked to Thrive Market, none other). I choose to be an affiliate for Thrive Market because I appreciate their values, prices, ease of shopping, customer service, and wide range of products, especially vegan options! What’s not to love! So yeah, if you click on a link and purchase a product through this blog post on Thrive Market, I may see a small commission. So thanks ahead of time for buying through my links, and keeping Restoring the Day running! 



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