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October Favorites: Cruelty-Free Products for Personal Care

These cruelty-free (and completely vegan) items have made the honorable mention list this month, hands down! A few of these are part of my daily routine on a regular basis (not just in October.) and a couple of these items are brand new favorites worth sharing the word about.

Hair Care

Acure Shampoo and Conditioner.

These products really brought my hair back from a dry nest head this season!  At the onset of the colder weather, my hair really started to suffer. I’m really not used to having long hair, it’s the longest it’s been now in years, and I’m having to build in new routines for making sure its well-hydrated root to tip. This ultra-conditioning, vegan pair of shampoo and conditioner from Acure does just that!

Oral Care

Magic Mud Whitening Detox Tooth Powder 

I literally picked this stuff up at Marshalls for a discounted rate a couple weeks ago and thought I’d give it a whirl.  Having wanted to try charcoal whitening for some time, I thought I’d finally get around to it. I wasn’t expecting to see such dramatic results in just two uses! It really was like magic. My gums had been a little swollen lately but had no idea that after a few uses of this, the swelling would go down and redness disappear! I also noticed a difference with the whitening in just the first use. I really wish I would have taken a before photo.

I’ve been using a gum serum off and on this year, and I really have to sing the praises of gum serum. Not only does it help support healthy gums, but it is a totally bad breath buster. I’m currently really enjoying this one – Dirty Mouth Boost, Gum Serum from Primal Life Organics. (thank you, Primal Life Organics! *not an affiliate*).

My Pro Tip: After brushing with the Magic Mouth, some charcoal residue remains on my teeth and gums – I follow by brushing with a couple drops of the gum serum on my brush, and it helps thoroughly clean up any charcoal sediment and still does it’s job as a tooth/gum serum as well. 

Tongue Scraper. And this tongue scraper thing- weird, but effective. I love how this thing scrapes all the nasty toxins from my mouth. Check out this link on Ayurvedic oral care that discusses the benefits of using a tongue scraper! I’ve been using the tongue scraper all year and have noticed a cleaner mouth, pinker (healthier!) tongue, and maybe more – hard to tell, since I have other detoxification practices as well. But I do love the THOROUGH cleaning I can give my mouth each day now with these products.


Lipsense. I am a dark-lip-color-diva if I can be, but I hate having it rub off on my family’s faces the minute I inevitably kiss them all over. Or I go in on a juicy ripe piece of fresh fruit! SO, enter Lipsense, and I’m applauding how it applies, stays on, and makes me look fab all day long. Want some? Comment below, I know who can hook you up! And yes, it’s cruelty-free.

There are some great, all natural mascaras out there – I’ve tried quite a few, I love many of them, but I don’t always love their price tags. Physician’s Formula Organic Wear gives me the bang for the buck in this product. It’s a price tag that’s manageable for my budget because it’s VERY inexpensive as mascaras go! And I love how it applies, looks, and wears. I recommend. (And you can find it at Target. It doesn’t get much easier than that.)

Also – I’ve been using Honest Company deodorant for like four years you guys. Ever since it came out. I’m a HUGE fan. Haven’t tired of it yet. So it’s always worth mentioning and recommending.  It even holds up over a good sweat sesh. Really! Try it.

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Also, if you’d like to know my greatest skincare secret of all time, you’ve got to head over HERE where I discuss the product that really started transforming my skin after years of cosmetic overuse.

This post contains affiliate links. I only link to products on my blog that I personally use and would recommend to my closest friends. Any compensation I may receive from these affiliate links helps keep Restoring the Day running, so thanks! 




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