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Oars and Alps Natural Cosmetic Products Review

oars and alps target product review

Oars and Alps is a new brand of natural mens care (unisex) products and is now available at Target!

Their outdoorsy, nature-inspired brand appeals to the adventurous nature in all of us, and because their products are so neutrally branded, I couldn’t wait to try them out.

I’m not always a very flowery person when it comes to cosmetics. I prefer very simple products that are sourced as close to the earth as possible and still high performers.

I picked up a few products at my local Twin Cities Target to try out for you guys so I could recommend (or not!) and so here’s the verdict:

The Favorites:

The Oars and Alps deodorant is AMAZING. I love how it glides on, i don’t smell at all - and I’ve tried a lot of natural deodorants, and many of them I really love and appreciate. I’ve even attempted making my own, and I also love doing this, but I’d score Oars and Alps deodorant very high because it’s small and quick to throw in my gym bag, and performs so incredibly well. The scents are neutral, subtle, and take me on a little mental adventure every time I swipe it on.

The Charcoal face wash feels AMAZING on the face, and seems to cleanse very nicely! It pairs well when I follow the cleanse with one of my favorite moisturizing oils (this one and this one).

The exfoliating bar soap - although the price point at $14 per bar is a bit much for me to make it a shower staple, the exfoliating effect and the lovely way I feel when I use it are no joke. Seriously, love the way my skin feels with this soap. I get so excited about using for my early morning wake up shower or to help soothe and destress my skin after a long day.

Other Products:

I picked up the cooling eye cream as well as the moisturizer as well, and although not overly impressed by the results of either, I think they would work very well for many people within the Oars and Alps Market.

I personally don’t always use under eye products like this one, but I personally know people who do, and love the feeling of a chilled applicator like this, so I’d recommend they try this product! But it didn’t light me up inside.

The moisturizer was nice, but since oil cleansing and using oil to moisturize my skin, I’m afraid you’ll never see me going back to a cream moisturizer. But if a cream moisturizer is something you or your partner is accustomed to, this one is light and soft and feels great.

But… they’re men’s products?

Yep! And if sharing toiletries with your partner isn’t a habit you have yet, Oars and Alps is making it a possibility for you. I’d consider these some of my favorite unisex products I’ve ever tried, besides some of my favorite DIY or handmade alternatives!

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