Why Losing Weight Doesn't Have to be on your New Years Resolution List this year

New Years Resolution List for 2019, lose weight 2019.png

Are you tired of writing “lose weight” on your list of new year’s resolutions?

I know I am.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight for a specific event in your life, meet a personal goal, or simply feel healthier, I’d like to unpack why losing weight does NOT have to be on your list this year.

Of course being a healthy weight is important for our health and longevity, but let’s check our mindset.

Wanting to lose weight is a very noble goal, however, when I make a goal to lose weight, the following emotions and actions almost always accompany it:

  • poor view of self and where I’m currently at

  • wanting to look better for others, no matter the cost to me

  • unhealthy means of losing weight, unsustainable habits

  • excessive stress or obsessing about how I look

  • low self-respect

Again, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to feel comfortable in your own skin - but my friend, let’s learn to do that TODAY! Exactly where we’re at right now.

Why losing weight will most definitely not be on my resolution list this year.

Would I mind shedding a few pounds? Nope I wouldn’t, let’s me honest!

But with my history with food and emotional health, I’m not going there this year.

Here’s what IS on my resolution list!

I’ve created a list of goals for the year for both my personal life and my career. And then I circled the two or three that would really be the core goals, and then I circled the one that was definitely going to be the game changer.

I continue to prioritize emotional health year after year after year, because it’’s the single most important thing to my true health and happiness. Physical health ALWAYS accompanies this, thanks to the mind-body connection!

Looking at it objectively, losing weight won’t be the real game changer. But all the things you do to adjust your lifestyle to GET THERE will be the real game changers.

Think about it - what will you do if your goal is losing weight? Hopefully your action plan would look something like this, if you’re doing things in a good healthy way:

  • Eat fewer processed foods

  • Eat less meat, more fruits and vegetables

  • Get enough Sleep

  • Workout 3x per week

  • Get a walk in every morning

  • Positive self-talk

  • Routine Spiritual Practice

  • A health social life and relationships

  • Putting my self care first

Wow- those are the real game changers!

A New Way to Look at Your New Year Resolution for 2019 for a Healthier You

focus on loving yourself through every single day.

If I focus on “weight loss” as my goal, and pin up posters of my inspiration, spend countless hours at the gym, and suffer through hard core diets, I essentially may be internally telling myself “I’m not good enough, pretty enough, thin enough, or strong enough UNTIL I reach my goal.” Then even worse, if we don’t reach that goal, well… that’s it. We really AREN’T good enough. Because we never made it there. We never lost all the weight or reached our strength goal, whatever your goal was.

If you make emotional health your resolve this year, weight loss may be a secondary benefit that naturally comes with achieving better mental health! You might just be surprised. When we take care of our mind, our body has the freedom to exit that constant state of stress most of us find ourselves in. Give your body the respect and freedom it needs this year to support you.

Most of the action steps you’d take to lose weight remain the same - additional exercise, fewer processed food, enough sleep - but your whole mindset will feel more supportive, more gentle, and loving on yourself, and you find yourself able to “win” at your goal on a daily basis.

With a weight loss goal, you won’t see the numbers on the scale budge on a daily basis. It can be hard to stay motivated.

When your goal is to take care of yourself and truly respect yourself and focus on your emotional health, you can experience the momentum of a win every single day. Because every day your mindset is one of love and care toward yourself and others, you’ve won.

The weight might even start coming off on its own because it knows it doesn’t have to help you survive.

The Emotional Health/Physical Health Connection and your Weight

My weight, I’ve learned, is often directly linked to my stress level, and my acceptance of myself.

Have you heard that when you diet by calorie restriction, your body goes into starvation mode essential, and tries to store away fat on purpose because it is wise, and it thinks its experiencing a famine! So it’s trying to help you survive and stay alive through this tough season.

Even if you’re not calorie restricting, a similar thing happens when your body is under extreme mental or physical stress. It senses danger, and signals to the body to hold on to additional resources to keep you alive.

I love that my body does that, I certainly cannot fault it for being a wise advocate for me. It knows what its doing. It’s a brilliant divine supercomputer. It’s freaking amazing. But here’s the thing - I often force myself into stressful situations where I create an environment in which my body feels uncomfortable, unsafe, and forced into stress fight or flight mode. Most of us in the health and wellness minded world are familiar with the fight or flight stress response.

If youre not, essentially, it’s a phrase to describe how the human body is designed to respond when under stress - we will either physically enter flight mode, as if running away from a ferocious tiger, or we will enter fight mode, be filled with adrenaline, and get locked into this constant fight back mode - probably against the ferocious man eating tiger. As primal beings, these are the facts!

This used to bother me - I didn’t like being reminded I was a primal being. But now, these days, I LOVE it. I thoroughly embrace it. It really helps adjust my expectations of my body, realize how incredibly wise it really is, and helps me remember to treat it with love and respect, and give it a whole lot of extra grace.

So this year, give your body a break, and treat your mind, body, and soul with tender-loving care. You are amazing. Your body is wise, your mind is brilliant, and your soul is sacred. Give yourself space to flourish.

The weight may just come off on its own and adjust to support your body and exactly what it needs!

Want to work with a Health Coach in 2019? A Health Coach can help identify your game changing goals, stick with the process, and cultivate lasting change that drastically impacts your life and health!