My Favorite Healthy Christmas Cookie Recipes I'm Making with my Kids

Healthy Christmas Cookie Recipes

What batches of healthy Christmas cookies does a health coach whip up for the family festivities?

These days you can search any type of Christmas cookie recipe based on whatever your lifestyle or dietary needs might be and get a lineup of scrumptious options.

I’m going to share with you my FAVORITE holiday cookie recipes that I’ve made in my home the last few years, and am making again this year too! (this week, as a matter of fact!)

My #1 Healthy Christmas Cookie Draft Pick:

These little gingerbread cutouts from minimalist baker. I have so much love for Minimalist Baker. So much love. And I make this recipe with my kids every year. They’re so gooey and perfectly nutty and sweet at the same time. Even if I only make one recipe each year, this will be the one I make. Non-negotiable.

My #2 Healthy Christmas Cookie Draft Pick:

These sugar cookies, also from Minimalist Baker, because her recipes are some of my favorites, are a great, easy sugar cookie recipe, but what really makes me love this recipe is her take on the frosting, and even the healthy alternative to food coloring.

Amazing Runner Ups we might make this year:

Raw Gingerbread Cookie Balls

Keto Sugar Cookies

3-Ingredient No Bake Peanut Butter Dipped Cookies

which recipe cite will you make this year?

Have you already made your cookies this year? Do you have any fun baking traditions?