Last Minute Ways to Ditch the Halloween Candy

Halloween is… well, it’s tomorrow.

Can you tell I tend to be a last minute type of gal?

For some things anyways. And Halloween is one of those things.

I sometimes feel like if I just ignore it, it will go away. Just maybe? So I don’t have to deal with it?

No offense to anyone who enjoys Halloween as one of their favorite holidays. ;)

If you’re a health-minded mama, you might be pulling your hair out thinking of all the chemical-laden, sugary treats our kids will come home with… and not just a few pieces either, which would be acceptable… but BUCKETS of it.

So I put my last minute thinking cap on to try and save myself some stress.

The Halloween “Boo Basket”

My kids LOVE Easter, and we have a tradition of hiding their Easter basket and letting them follow a trail of clues to find it. You probably do something like this too!

So since that tradition is such a hit, I decided to try a Halloween version of the Easter basket hunt.

I’ve packed the “Boo Basket” full of healthy treats and small gifts like these:

  • local honey sticks

  • Justin’s brand chocolate peanut butter cups

  • Wholesome brand suckers (but just a couple! ;) )

  • keto chocolate cups like these

  • A new pack of crayons or markers (because the dog likely tried to eat the last batch)

  • bag of microwaveable popcorn

  • small toy or activity like this sticker book

I’ve linked to where you can purchase a few of these items, but they’re mostly in bulk, so for lower cost and to just purchase what you need, stop by your local Whole Foods or Health Food Store to pick up a few of these “healthy-ish” or “healthier” options.

The Halloween Fairy

An acquaintance and I were chatting the other day about this fun new tradition that seems to be resurfacing. Offer your kiddos a choice. They can either choose to keep the candy they receive, or you can tell them to slip their candy bag under their pillow or hang it by their bed. The Candy fairy (ahem… aka YOU.) will come collect the family, and leave a “thank you note” and some cash. However much cash is up to you. Maybe make it fun and give them more cash for more candy, as though the fairy is buying it off of them!

When I offered up this option to my son, he thought about for a moment, then opted for the cash. Because he’s got a few things on his list he’s been saving for!

(you can switch this up to match your parenting style of course! My son already knows that santa, the tooth fairy, and now the halloween fairy, are all just me… he knows its mom. But that doesn’t make it un-fun for him. He loves the game of it!)

Community Events

Instead of trick or treating the neighborhood these days, which always results in nightmares and late nights and crabby kids (not too mention too much unwanted, wasted candy). we’ve opted for community events instead!

If you’re part of a church or community group that hosts a “trunk or treat” style event, these are really fun and very safe for your kiddos.

Other community events at pumpkin patches offer safer and more innocent activities for younger kids, and leave the haunted hay rides for the older kids that get a thrill from being spooked.

Oh! And if you’re headed off to a party, you can make these Pumpkin Peanut Butter Cloud Bars with creamy chocolate drizzle for your gluten free crowd pleaser!

Every family has their own halloween style! What’s yours?

Do you have any fun ideas or traditions you use to keep Halloween safe, healthy, and sugar-conscious?

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